Relations between Albania and European union. part 1

Firstly, I think that in this period of crisis for Europe, not only economic crisis, but a social and political crisis, which can be seen with the strong participation of the radical party in many countries like : Greece, Spain, Italy, France and the terrorism behind the doors, Albania should see a reasonable review of relations with Europe. Perhaps, it is necessary that Albania should to impose conditions E.U. and not the reverse as ordinary happened in recent years. The reasons are the following points : Albania has a suitable geographical position in terms of building bridges between Europe and Asia, as also the commercial aspect and cultural interaction. For this is enough to mention the role of Albania in the TAP project. Albania is a perfect example of tolerance among different religions. And not only this, the Albanians were among the few people who defended and sheltered Jews during world war II. Albania is one of the countries that have cheap labor, for which Europe needs. Albania has numerous assets of minerals that can be put in the service of the European economy by generating greater revenue. Albania plays a key role in the stability of Western Balkans. Albania has a favorable climate for European investors to invest in agriculture. We can serve as a manufacturing site for agricultural products consumed by European countries. We can offer to Europe a wide range of tourist services. And finally, Albania is an ethno- cultural asset for Europe, here are many natural monuments, ancient cities, and the Albanian language is an ancient and unique language.

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