Albania is a small country, located in south – east Europe.

Albania bordered in the south and south – east with Greece, in the east with Macedonia, in the north – east and north with Republic of Kosovo and in the north – west with Montenegro. In the west she is bordered with Adriatic Sea and in the south – west with Ionian Sea.

She has a surface around 28750 square kilometers.

We have two main lakes, Lake of Shkodra, which is the biggest from the surface on all Balkan Peninsula and the Lake of Ohri, which is the deepest lake in Balkan.

Weather is mostly great and wonderful. We have Mediterranean climate condition, with hot and dry summer, and with wet and cool winter.

Relief is mostly mountainous; more than 70% of territory comprises from hills and mountains.

Albania has a population around 2.8 millions of people.

Capital city of Albania is Tirana. Other cities are Durres, Shkoder, Vlore, exc.

The official language is Albanian language.

Albanian citizens can pass the borders between their state and Macedonia, Republic of Kosovo and Montenegro without a passport.

Albanian traditional drink is called RAKI. It is an alcoholic drink.

The national currency is called LEK.


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